PRMc were developed mainly for system integrator teams. What we offer is a professional hardware and an easy-to-use development environment (SDK).

Our partners are able to develop a unique, tailor made complete passport reading system for their clients.

Usage of PRMc passport reader is especially easy. Special trainings or highly qualified personal is not needed for the operation.

The unit sense the document automatically, all image scanning, data processing and analysis is performed without any human interaction.

PRMc can be secured safely with the built in "Kensington Security Slot" system.

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Our system integrator partners turn to us to develop and manufacture a passport reader device for them, which is able to read the data from both normal and electronic passports.

Our aim is to deliver the latest technology in document reading that helps you to build efficient and state of the art document verifying systems to your clients.

As a result of this continuous development all of our products equipped with the world leading OCR algorithm that guarantees the outstanding efficiency of our products.

The new PRMc devices read the data from the datapage of the passport together with the RFID chip under 7 sec.

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Our system integrator clients principally want to offer high quality and extremely versatile document scanning systems to their clients and they need an appropriate document scanning device on which they can rely on.

Since 1998 ARH Inc. has been developing automatic document readers and identifiers which allow our partners to build efficient document control system.

Our new innovation is the PRMc model that represents the latest technology and design.

We attach an all-around Software Development Kit (SDK) and drivers on a CD-ROM therefore you can easily design and build your own, fully customized document scanning system to your clients.

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Our system integrator partners usually turn to us in order to build a high quality, complex document reading system.

The new PRMC passport reader devices with their compact size, ergonomic and massive design serve the highest demands of our partners world-wide.

We, at ARH Inc. work on developing automatic document reading and checking products and applications for over 10 years.

Our products are working in more than 160 countries all around the world at
- border crossing points
- hotels
- international shipping routes
- international lines
as part of our partners' complex information systems.

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