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Top 10 most important advantages of
the new PRMc passport scanners

1. World leader OCR algorithm

All PRMc passport scanners use the high performance Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithm that has been developed by our company.

2. Fast MRZ data reading

The PRMc passport scanner is an ideal solution for MRZ data reading of passports. The image taking process and the MRZ reading is fast and reliable and they both take less than a second together.

3. More reliable and faster operation

Passport data extraction is now all-time effective. We equip every single PRMc passport scanner with high performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor) which results in better and more accurate image recognition.

4. Smaller footprint, lightweight devices

The new PRMc is of the same high technical quality like our previously developed passport reader models but it comes with a pleasant look and compact size. Easy operation: all new PRMc passport scanner is capable of detecting the presence of a document automatically.

5. Flexibility

Our company also accepts production requests for smaller quantities which make it possible to meet your and your customer's requirements in the most flexible way. If you do not find the device that you are looking for, we are ready to modify our devices according to your needs. We are able to manufacture custom (OEM) devices in our own manufacturing facility: you may request the devices with different color case, other device options, custom design, different configuration etc.

6. Increased data security for reading RFID data

Passports contain sensitive personal information and we at ARH Inc. think that protecting this data is of utmost importance. Due to the increasing demand for passports with better security level the protection of data stored in the passport against unauthorized access became even more important. The PRMc passport scanner extracts the data from RFID microchips in new electronic passports (ePassport, Biometric passport) while maintaining high data security level. Protection of personal data is guaranteed by the special built-in security protocols. We have implemented the EAC (Extended Access Control) data security protocol into our PRMc passport scanners in order to protect data stored in the RFID microchips. This security protocol ensures that no unauthorized user can access sensitive data.

7. Excellent image quality

The built-in cameras in the new PRMc passport scanner take high resolution (2048x1536 pixel, 24bit color depth) images of documents that are put into the device. These 380dpi resolution pictures are taken by the cameras with every illumination separately. Upon request we can also deliver the devices with 600dpi or even 1200dpi optical resolution support for specific parts of the image.

8. Reading of Barcodes

Every PRMc passport scanner is capable of fast reading of conventional (1 dimension) barcodes. Beside of this the new PRMc can seamlessly read the two dimensions barcodes too. Due to the proofed barcode reading algorithm it is possible to develop a barcode reading systems for the clients beside the common document scanning systems.

9. Secure locking

Beside the cutting-edge technical solution the secure operating is strength of the new PRMc passport scanner. According the feedbacks of our clients we have found the ideal solution for locking the units. As new development we provide a 'Kensington security slot' locking system to the new PRMc document scanners. The secure locking of the reader is easier than ever.

10. CE compatibility

Every PRMc passport scanner has a high technology level and fit to the prescription of the CE standard. ARH Inc. has a strong environment policy. Usage of environment friendly technologies was a very important factor during the development. The new PRMc passport scanner fully complies with the ROHS standard too.

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