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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the differences between the PRMc and other Passport readers?

- Faster MRZ reading: The new PRMc Passport Reader provides cutting-edge technical solutions. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of the MRZ data is very fast, it happen in less than 1 second. Notwithstanding the OCR accuracy is extremely high.
- Faster and more stable RFID reading: the high performance digital signal processor (DSP) provides faster and more accurate reading process.
- Smaller, less weight equipment: The new PRMc Passport Reader unites the advantages of the previously developed equipments: fast, reliable device, which represent your company before your clients with its design and high performance on a creditable manner. The PRMc Passport Readers are small footprint devices with a stylish appearance, which are working very efficiently. Take a look to the top 10 most advantages of PRMc ePassport Readers »

Where the PRMc Passport Readers are most frequently used?

Complex passport checking systems designed by our system integrator client are served by our Passport Readers in many countries' border crossings, hotels and casinos; on international cruise lines and international rail lines. Learn more about possible applications of PRMc Passport reader »

How can integrate the PRMc Passport Readers?

The new PRMc Passport Reader has been developed particularly for the system integrator companies. The PRMc Passport Reader is powerful equipment which has to integrate according the End User demands into a system. The software development kit (SDK) provided on CD with the PRMc Passport Reader free of charge makes it possible to develop personalized passport reader application. The software development kit supplied with the PRMc Passport Reader support many different program language and operating system, accordingly our customers obtain an easily integrate able passport reader device. Get more information about integration possibilities of PRMc e-passport readers »

How can I get technical support after purchase?

We provide our clients with proper technical support via telephone and email, they are free to contact us with any technical questions. Our highly qualified support colleagues are dealing with our customers' technical questions, they are able to help during the entire system integration process.

Is there a need for special training for the operating personnel?

During the designing period of the PRMc document scanner, we put special emphasis on ergonomic, user-friendly design and easy operation, therefore there is no need of any special training for the operation. The operation of the device is simple, therefore anyone can learn how to use it.

In addition to the above you can get at least six good reasons beside the new PRMc Passport Readers.

Learn more about operation principles of PRMc aPassport Readers »

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