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PRMc ePassport Reader: the compact solution for document reading
powered with high-end OCR technology

Our system integrator partners turn to us to develop and manufacture a passport reader device for them, which is able to read the data from both normal and electronic passports (ePassports, Biometric passports).

Since 1998 ARH Inc.Hungary has been developing automatic document readers and identifiers which allow our partners to build efficient document control system. As a result of this continuous development all of our products equipped with the world leader OCR algorithm that guarantees the outstanding efficiency of our document reader products.

Our new innovation is the PRMc model that represents the latest technology and design. The new PRMc is a compact all-in-one solution for document reading and control. We offer you a powerful device that combines all the benefits of our previous document reader models.

The compact size and ergonomic PRMc model has an outstanding efficiency in document reading. The PRMc device can read both the normal and electronic passports.

According to the requirements of our partners the new PRMc document reader reads
- the printed information of the datapage
- the security marks under UV and IR illumination
- and the electronic data in the RFID chip
with outstanding efficiency and high speed.

The new PRMc devices read the data from the datapage of the passport together with the RFID chip under 7 sec. These document readers with their compact size, ergonomic and massive design serve the highest demands of our partners world-wide.

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