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Integration possibilities of PRMc document scanners

Our system integrator clients principally want to offer high quality and extremely versatile document scanning systems to their clients and they need an appropriate document scanning device on which they can rely on. They need a document scanning device which:
- is able to scan both traditional and new ePassports as well,
- performs the entire reading process quickly and efficiently,
- read securely the biometric data from the RFID chips,
- comply with the highest quality standards,
- can be integrated easily and seamlessly into any IT system

We, at AR Hungary are constantly working on designing of automated document scanning and verifying applications and equipments for more than 10 years. Our aim is to deliver the latest technology in document reading that helps you to build efficient and state of the art document verifying systems to your clients.

You are in the best place, if you are looking for such highly sophisticated document scanner equipments. Our latest development the PRMc document scanner device reads accurately and quickly both the printed information from travel documents and the biometric data from the RFID chips.

The new PRMc document scanners are a smart combination of traditional document scanning devices: fast, accurate and reliable machines that effectively help your daily business with performance and stylish look. You can read every, standard travel documents and ePassports with the new PRMc.

We attach an all-around Software Development Kit (SDK) and drivers on a CD-ROM therefore you can easily design and build your own, fully customized document scanning system to your clients.

The attached SDK supports numerous Operation Systems and programming languages, as a result you can integrate our PRMc reader into your system seamlessly.

Supported programming languages by the SDK of PRMc :

Visual Basic

Supported Operation Systems by the SDK of PRMc :

Windows XP
Windows 2003
Windows Vista

Thanks to our continuous research and development work, the new PRMc document scanning devices are now available with Windows Vista drivers as well.

If your aim is to design a highly efficient and highly reliable document scanning system to your clients, please do not hesitate in contacting with us and ask our professionals' help. Write us a short description of your desired documents reading system. Our professionals will help you in choosing the most appropriate device from our wide product range that completely fulfill your requirements.

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