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Operation principles of PRMc biometric Passport Readers

PRMc were developed mainly for system integrator teams. What we offer is a professional hardware and an easy-to-use development environment (SDK). Our partners are able to develop a unique, tailor made complete passport reading system for their clients.

Operation principles of a document management system based on PRMc biometric passport reader:

1. PRMc detects the document automatically when it is placed in.
2. The unit scan images from the document and also reads data from RFID chip.
3. Data is transferred toward the PC via USB port.
4. The software (SDK) 'reads' information from the optically scanned images and also process data from the RFID chip.
5. Your application will process the gained data according to the customer needs.

Usage of PRMc biometric passport reader is especially easy. Special trainings or highly qualified personal is not needed for the operation. The unit sense the document automatically and perform all image scanning, data processing and analysis.

PRMc can be secured safely with the built in 'Kensington Security Slot' system.

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