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6 reasons why you should choose PRMc document scanner

1. World leader OCR algorithm

Independent tests prove that the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) algorithm of Adaptive Recogniton Hungary,Inc is the leader in this field. All of our devices equipped with this algorithm, which is developed by our company.

2. Satisfied partners

We have been working on developing intelligent OCR devices since 1991. We have several years of experience in the field of products, based on Optical Character Recognition. We have several references with powerful applications all around the world.

3. There is no technological risk

All of our products and technologies are our own development, there is no dependence from other manufacturers.

4. Quality in-house-manufacturing

All of our PRMc Passport scanners are manufactured by our company, we are continuously controlling the production in all phases, so our products' quality is continuously on a high level.

5. PRMc is designed for 24/24 operation

Our PRMc Passport scanners are designed for a 24/24 hours, 7/7 days operation. There are no moving parts, so they are working very reliable.

6. OEM opportunity

In case you develop a unique system and you need a customised, unique product, we can help you in this too. We can produce the right product for you even in small quantities.

Our system integrator partners often turn to us with the demand for a passport scanner device, able to read all passport contents (together with the RFID chip content) in an efficient and quick way. In case you need such device, the PRMc is the right choice for you. PRMC reads the data included in the traditional passports and e-passports as well. Reading the 'traditional' passport takes only 3 seconds, while reading e-passports takes only 7 seconds.

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